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Brilliant Barwell Infant School - Children First!    

Our Values & Ethos




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Our Philosophy:


We get to know every child as an individual, finding out abour their interests, strengths and areas to develop; as well as understanding how they prefer to learn.  We then aim to take each child from where they are and move them on as appropriate, encouraging them to reach their full potential.


Our main aim is to ensure that every Barwell Infant has their needs met and receives an all-round education ~ moral, spiritual, cultural, physical and intellectual.  We hope to create and sustain a safe, happy, caring and stimulating environment in which every child grows in knowledge, skills and understanding ~ both academically and socially. 


We have a firm commitment to allowing the children to have childhood experiences and we provide fun and practical learning opportunities.  We hope children will be active and engaged learners who take increasing responsibility for what they do.  We hope they will learn many transferable skills and have high self-esteem, in preparation for their years at school and their life ahead!

The children, staff, parents, governors and the community are all involved in the care and education at Barwell Infant School.  We have a home/school agreement to reflect our commitment, and we believe that partnership is based on mutal understanding and shared interests, and that we all need to do our very best for the common interest... the children!

Our Aims and Principles:

We aim for all our children to:


love learning


understand how to be healthy


know how to be safe


know how to improve


look after each other


do their very best!

At Barwell Infant School we adhere to and uphold the following principles of education:


*  Valuing all children equally

*  Education should be related to each child's age, ability and individual needs

*  All of our work should be determined and guided first and foremost by the needs of the children

*  To provide access to learning as a life-long experience

*  To be effective and efficient through the partnership between children, parents and the school

*  To be committed to continuous review and development in response to changing expectations and

   circumstances - aiming for the highest stanards

Equality Aims
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