Brilliant Barwell Infant School - Children First!
Brilliant Barwell Infant School - Children First!

Welcome to the Year 2 Zone!

Hello Year 2 and welcome to your very own part of the school website!


Our school is very empty right now without you lot.  All of the grown-ups miss being with you.  We miss talking with you, we miss your smiles and, most of all, we miss your laughter.  Our school just isn't the same without you!

You might have heard that some children in EYFS and Year 1 might be coming back to school in June, and this might not seem very fair to you.  We just wanted to let you know that the government chose which classes could come back - not us.  Every single one of our Brilliant Barwell Infants is amazing and, when some children start coming back, our school will feel like a jigsaw with lots of missing pieces.

We thought we could use this web page to help us keep in touch.  

We also though that we could use it to share information with you about Barwell Academy (I know that they are super excited about having you in Year 3!)


If you have an idea about what else we could put on here, please email me at

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