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Children First!



We are always pleased to welcome parents and children who may be looking at several schools in the area before deciding which one to register with. 


Please call and arrange to have a look around with Miss Moreton.


First Time Admissions:


Places in our EYFS are for four year olds, and the children are inducted into school each September. 


The school is not responsible for the allocation of places, so you MUST ensure

that you register your chosen school with the Allocations Team at County Hall.


The deadline for registering your child for September 2022 is 15th January 2022.


You can telephone the Allocations Team on 0116 3056684, or use the easy online form to register your child.


Having registered for a place, the Allocations Team's decision will be announced in April 2022. 


If you have not received a place at your first choice of school and wish to appeal this decision, you will need to contact the Allocations Team directly ~ the school is not able to make or over-rule allocation decisions.

If your child is allocated a place in our EYFS, before they start, we will:

  • Contact you for further information (i.e. your contact details and details of any pre-school settings that your child has attended)
  • Contact pre-schools and visit the children in these settings (or at home if your child does not go to pre-school)
  • Invite your child to visit us at school (either with their pre-school or with a parent/carer if they don't go to pre-school)
  • Invite parents/carers to a New Entrants Evening (mid June) to give out lots of information and let you have a look around the school
  • Invite parents/carers and children to come to an Open Afternoon together, where our Year 2 children will act as tour guides and answer your questions ~ very honestly!



Then, after the summer holiday...

  • We will invite you to a short parents' meeting (one-to-one with the teacher) to talk about your child in detail
  • Your child will attend school on a part-time basis for the first two weeks ~ EITHER mornings or afternoons (having the children in two smaller groups during these initial two weeks enables us to get to know them better, and makes it easier for them to get used to our setting and routines)
  • We will then induct children in small groups over a few full days
  • You will be invited to a short parents meeting about how we teach maths, reading, writing and phonics
  • You will be invited to Parents' Evening in October


Transfers at the End of Year 2:


At the end of Year 2, most children at Barwell Infant School move on to Barwell Church of England Academy (on High Street).  We have close links with Barwell Academy and work with their Year 3 staff throughout the year.


Parents, or course, have a choice of school; and we support all of our children in their next step ~ wherever it may be.  We have a careful induction programme to support transition from Year 2, and all pupil records, assessments and reports are shared with the children's new school.



Your child will NOT automatically receive a place at Barwell Academy.


The school is not responsible for the allocation of places, so you MUST ensure

that you register your chosen school with the Allocations Team at County Hall.

Mid Year Transfers:


If you wish for your child to transfer to Barwell Infant School mid year (i.e. if they are moving from another school to ours) you still need to contact the Allocations Team at County Hall, but the process is a little different.