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School Vision and Values



Our Barwell Infant School Vision 2023-2026


At Barwell Infant School we aim for all our school community to value themselves and each other. We create positive and nurturing learning environments where all children belong. Children are encouraged and challenged to achieve their very best in all aspects of their learning. Reading is a priority, as the ability to read and understand unlocks a world of imagination, creativity and new, powerful knowledge. Strong relationships are built between children and staff to enable our learners to feel happy, safe and secure.


We hold high expectations of all, including personal and social behaviours and positive behaviours for learning. Our wellbeing team ensure that we overcome any possible barriers to learning and development.


Our core values are at the heart of all learning experiences. As the children grow and develop throughout their infant years, they become confident, resilient and independent both academically and personally.


Please see our core values which the children develop throughout their time at Barwell Infant School.  


Our Barwell Infant School Core Values


We have a different value foci for each half term linked to our Behaviour Policy.


I am Kind (Autumn 1) kindness describes a way of doing good deeds for others through having a friendly, considerate and generous nature.


I am Respectful (Autumn 2) respect is where we demonstrate concern for people we interact with and treat them as equals.


I am Resilient (Spring 1) resilience is the ability to bounce back after challenges and tricky times.


I am Ambitious (Spring 2) if you have an ambition to do or achieve something we want very much to do it or achieve it.


I am Appreciative (Summer 1) being appreciative is about focussing on what’s good in our lives and in our world, and being thankful for the things we have.



I am a Team player (Summer 2) team work is when we come together to solve a problem or achieve a shared goal.





Our whole school values ensure children develop a rounded character and a positive mindset. Our values are woven into all aspects of our school life.