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Phonics and English


At Barwell Infant School, we place a high importance on reading. Reading is a fundamental skill that is essential for success in every area of the curriculum and beyond their school life. When children learn to read, they can then access a broad range of information in all subjects. Evidence suggests that children who read regularly not only perform better in tests, but also develop a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures compared to children who do not read as regularly.


At Barwell Infant School, we teach reading through:

  • Daily phonics lessons in EYFS, Year 1, and for all children still learning to read through phonics application

  • Daily love of reading and story time sessions

  • Reading Practice Sessions three times a week


Children will be assigned a book which matches their phonetic and reading ability. Children will read this book with adults in school and are expected to read it at home too. 


All of our reading books are organised into 'Book Bands', following the Bug Club Reading Scheme by ActiveLearn.




All of the children in our school have daily phonics lessons following the Bug Club Phonics Scheme by ActiveLearn.  During phonics sessions children learn how to recognise and read letter sounds; and how to blend these sounds together to read words. They will also learn to write letters and segment words into sounds to spell words.  These lessons are designed to be "fast and fun" - they are usually about 20 minutes long and involve lots of games, stories, singing and chanting.  


Our reading and phonics scheme run alongside and complement each other.